Bricks Brand was founded by Jason Jessee and Donny Miller.

Jason has no business experience whatsoever, but somehow managed to start a bunch of successful brands. 
Donny brings years of failed business experience to the table, because he happened to be around a bunch of brands who were already successful and figured he had something to do with it.  (He didn't.  Shhhh.  Sad.) 
They both have depression and get their feelings hurt real easy.  How easy?  A nervous glance from the wrong person could send either one of them into an existential tailspin.

Together, they are raising the corporation Bricks Brand as their own child.

Here is the forward from their book, 
It's Not a Corporation, It's a Choice.  Raising a Corporation as a Person.

"It's hard raising a corporation, even with the guidance of two.  Most corporations are brought up to squeeze the profit out of everything to the point of economic Armageddon.  Not Bricks.
Since being given corporate personhood by the U.S. Supreme Court and civil unions recognizing domestic partnerships between same sex couples, 
corporations can now be raised by two men or two women as their own child.
The civil union grants spousal privilege.  When you take advantage of laws for your own personal gain, people respect that.  Especially in the business world.

We're raising our corporation to share money with employees and make as many products in the USA as possible.  It's possible to control economic decisions that create a positive cash flow of production money into the U.S.
It's Not a Corporation, It's a Choice."