Bricks Brand is available online and at mom & pop skateboard shops, uniform and workwear retailers, motorcycle shops, art supply stores, barber shops, hair salons, musical instrument stores, MMA gyms, independent record shops, independent book stores, bowling alleys, tire shops, miniature golf course pro shops, roller rinks, video game and pinball arcades, truck stops and Army surplus stores.

Bricks Brand supports brick and mortar stores and their online shops.

We do not sell to big box stores. 
We do not sell to mall chains. 
We do not sell to Amazon. 
(If you see our product on Amazon, we didn't put it there.)

Bricks Brand is choosing to operate outside of big business clothing store monopolies.  We are choosing this direction, because places like mom & pop skate shops and independent record stores are culturally significant.  No one hangs out at the record section of a big box store...



Bricks Brand uses products made in the USA whenever possible.  Our final decision is always based on overall quality.  (Some products and sometimes entire industries have no factories left in the U.S., leaving the only option overseas.) 

Bricks Brand clothing is printed in California.  We choose to do production stateside.  The extra money we pay for printing in the U.S. helps the overall economy grow the middle class. 

There are many great products still made in America.  If you have a great product made in the USA you think would fit into the Bricks Brand, we'd love to hear from you.

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