The small business owner, the entrepreneur, the risk taker. 
The inventor, the garage tinker, the improver.
The designer, the artist, the independent contractor.
The pro skateboarder, the pro fighter, the miniature golf professional.
The business owner who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty.

The Light Blue Collar Movement started when the middle class began taking shape in the 1940's.  During the Industrial Revolution there was the white collar factory owner and the blue collar factory worker.  When the workers unionized and stood together, they formed a 3rd entirely new class, but they were still referred to as blue collar.  Light Blue Collar is an economic movement already underway in America.  Bricks has just identified and named this group of almost everyone we've ever met in America.  More independent contractors are working in America today than ever.  Half of Americans will be independent contractors by 2020.*

There are 5 main ways to get money:
1) Employment
2) Inheritance
3) Gov't Programs
4) Luck (Lottery/Treasure)
5) Crime

Employment is the only long term and sustainable way to bring money into a community.  This is why Bricks chooses to do production and buy products here.  The more employment and money we bring into our community, the less crime we have, the less programs we rely on.

*By 2020, 50% of Americans are Expected to be Working as Independent Contractors

Light Blue Collar is an economic movement aimed at growing the middle class.
Join nearly half of Americans working for themselves, running their own business, moving up, moving out, taking opportunities and creating opportunities.
This is for you.  Share the idea.